Nyman & Karukka pot bust

Download the video-clip and images (this page not included) here, since this might be removed from here at some point.

Check out these articles in the local newspapers about the event, here in Swedish (ÖT & Vbl) and here in Finnish (PS). A short summary: They went into the apartment looking for stolen property, but instead found 62 plants.

The video shows them carrying out growing equipment and supposedly plants in some of the bags. Note how they left the car unlocked, afterwards they left it for a couple of minutes unwatched. Other remarkable things that took place was them talking to neighbors in the street, but those pictures are left out to not cause any trouble for anyone.

Nyman & Karukka in action

Maybe another cop with white car visiting

Karukka dropping off the last growing equipment, sorry I missed taking better pictures... watch video instead!

Leaving with equipment visible inside the car.